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Ending Child Abuse in Our Community

Every day, 200 incidents of child abuse or neglect are reported in the state of Georgia. Even more alarming, more than 100,000 children in our state die as a result of abuse or neglect every year. These statistics are unacceptable, and our team can no longer stand by and do nothing.

We’ve decided to take an active role in stamping out child violence in the greater Atlanta area, and we are proud to report we’ve become a regional Ambassador for the #AgentsOfChange movement.

Ambassadors for Change

Agents of Change is a national initiative that empowers agencies like ours to make a positive difference for people and children who most need help. Going forward, we will be working with a number of different nonprofit groups and noteworthy causes in the Atlanta region with the ultimate goal of eradicating child abuse in our community.

It won’t be easy, and we’re going to need help from people in our area who agree that ending violence against children needs to be our highest priority.

Join Our Team!

YOU can help us in this fight, and we’re not asking for money. We want you to send your friends, family members, co-workers, or anyone else you know into our agency for a complimentary policy appraisal. For EVERY person you refer, we will issue a donation in your name to help fight child abuse and neglect in your area.

Abuse Ends Now

It really is that easy. By helping us get the word out about this ongoing campaign to end child abuse, you’ll be assisting directly in providing meaningful change for young children who are facing abuse or neglect on a daily basis.

Join us, and let’s end child abuse now!


Brannon East

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